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thereof if he desires to do so. (2.) If one-half, then one year
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primary and secondary atrophy. In the former the disk has a gray
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From gouty arthritis they can be distinguished by the absence of the
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in every respect. Again they are refused by the Local Govern-
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Authors desiring reprints of their articles published In the British
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drink '2 henu of kkani, let her vomit it immediately.
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of Vater. This fact explains why so many enlargements of the head
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movement or even of gurgling through the canaL Solid food may
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gland. These adrenal glands are more directly necessary to life than
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physical conditions of the circulatory apparatus should be carefully
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two weeks. This prevents gaseous distention and promotes contrac-
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painless removal. One can also apply to the plaster a lo per cent,
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many of the towns of northern France had its origin in
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wondering whether direct pressure on the heart from the re-
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the left arm, is significant of cardiac inflammation. So also the
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with beginning tuberculosis, it may be safely left alone. Should
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Symptoms. — We begin with the symptoms of lead-poisoning; whidi
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geon-captain Army Medical Staft", third son of Colonel Y'oung, late
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tendence and conduct of such an investigation in a private house :
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ginning of acute coryza, a dose at night of two of my grip pills is often
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cism Indeed, what we have to say concerns matters upon
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ends in a brush-like termination in a muscle or gland. But the point is,
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was otiierwise not remaikable. Liver and kidneys were pale.
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irritability, may long be the eliief symx)tom noticeable, pigmentation
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inferior and superior epigastric veins to the mammary veins.
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Branch Council for 1893-94: The President, the past Pre-
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special departmeitls of the British Medical Joubnai, are devoted will ie
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of what the self in us is, with the result, unexpected to many, that as
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duced by pleurisy, but can be distinguished from them by having the
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ance of blood in the urine. The importance of this statement
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healthy or diseased. Flies in the East have not far to pass
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investigations took place. The police made their investiga-
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disease of the brain, and that those children who fall into it
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febrile cases much as ic does in patients with pernidpus anemia, without
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