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(C) The amount of funds expended for the program and the costs of each program

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water, which is polluted to a greater or less extent

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The cellular areas are irregularly rounded in shape or bifurcate

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Orr, John C, acting assistant surgeon, is relieved from duty at Fort

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The patient's head being bent well over to the opposite side (it may

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with a complication of injuries, the result of a vis a

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headache or ophthalmodynia, they would have learnt perhaps

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Thus Fletcher Ingals^ calls it rheumatic sore throat,

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by the roughened interior surface of the vessel from calcareous degenera-

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characterized by low family income’’ where loan repayment is at a higher

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in this operation to prevent a more or lefs obfervable fmell of

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The Foundation is a not-for-profit organization exempt from federal

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coming almost immediately following the taking of food. The

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T V gr. to \ gr., may be administered with the iodide, if inunction is


tissues in presenting a predominance of cells over intercellular substance,

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according to the observed effects of the food given.

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ten weeks from quartan ague. The patient was pale, his digestion much

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Med. Assoc, June 26, 1920, Ixxiv, No. 26, p. 1768) revealed

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lation was so great that freedom of pronation and supination

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an ointment containing belladonna, opium, or chloroform to the mucous mem-

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is identically the same ; yet a thick buff will be wanting in the

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lasted for 5 days, then disappeared and returned again in a

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ceptible, and no pulse could be detected in the radial, brachial, or femoral

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ing from pain, with hemorrhage and fetid discharge for eight months. To vagi-

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treatment of such cases within the reach of the poor.

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States at or near such poit, shall immediately inform

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from time to time may fix, from the payment of which honorary mem-

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"2. On the other hand, to adopt a routine hydropathic treatment of any

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which took place from exhaustion, eighteen days from

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The odor of the urine was characteristic; on careful analysis

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obstruction ; neither of these cases are often met with, nor

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tematic, the definitions mathematically precise, and die

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quarreling. She can hardly speak a pleasant word, and has to restrain