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lous in character, he obtained satisfactory results, inasmuch

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into which it is inserted. This phenomenon, the significance of which is

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462-405.— Renton (J. C.) Note on the value of hydro-

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similar case came before us, which very much divided the opinions

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Pennsylvania. Recipient of the Casselberry Prize Fund Award, 1923.)

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John G. Orton, M. D., of Broome county; one on Medicine,

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capillaries, so often produced by exposure to cold.

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Ta.Tlor. A.M., M.D.. Professor of Diseases of Children, Philadelphia


ing and research. In the palseontological department, they are assisted

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the left side is resonant throughout : on the right side there is dulness everywhere,

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which the symptoms are of equal moderateness, but tend to persist in

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the sphincters, or by any sensory or trophic changes. The earliest pub-

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each with a well-known name upon Its back : No, rural colleague,

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The Genteral Secretary then read a letter from the Hamil-

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briefly as follows : First in the existence of a simple hypertro-

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re-work the groove at the area indicated by the arrow on

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traction alone does not constitute action of the heart. The

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ordinary formula (milk-water, sugar of milk, cream and citrate of soda).

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them its concentrating abihty.^ This latter fact will go far to ex-

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cessive collection of pigment in the choroid. In other words

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superficial cardiac space. It is often convenient, for pur-

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chest natural ; region of the heart sounds natural on percussion ;

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it held the finger as firmly as though grasped by a hand,

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embraces the rump of the embryo, and which is pushed before

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(C) The amount of funds expended for the program and the costs of each program

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Another case seen a little while later, was also operated on before rup-

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this manner all the remarkable facts I have observed

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But all of these functions are coming to be demanded of our

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