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pitals for the care and treatment of patients who should be

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plan of treatment that should be promptly resorted to when-

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ing blood contains, in accumulating excess, its constituent elements, of

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complete recovery. In most cases the lesions are catarrhal, but they may be

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Aside from the emotional and psychological implications

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but the patient said he had been uncomfortable for days. In two years he

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the brain, especially in a girl approaching the age

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rated on in November, 1853, is still under treatment, from

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treatment was practised, and in all the cases successful-

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patients were sustained by hypodermic injections of

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been given for A. B. and B. S. degrees be not recognized by this

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always shorten the average of life by many years, except in those few-

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of eight years' standing. Her knee-joint has become perfectly movable and

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