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over the whole body, but no medicine was taken until
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Ulver Complaints. The bronchial glands being almost invari-
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skull contained 20 ounces of fluid to 36 of cerebral matter. A chronic
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the ingestion of large quantities of potassium chlorate, notably in
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the spleen is firm and tough, but easily divided with the knife, although
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my care for a localized paralysis of the leg. The preceding April he
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is able to deal satisfactorily with microbiologic data, and it is hoped that
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the operation is completed. The complications are very small.
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them ; the purpose being to amass accurate informa-
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I am decidedly in favour of the so-called Langenbcck plan. I
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symptoms produced by the permanent obstruction of the ducts; ulcer-
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"by" me, as its title-page declares it to be, and that 1
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Ophthalmic and Otological Society of 2 cases of methyl alcohol
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No. I, neither of the other compounds can be omitted in
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an enormous recurrent tumor, the first operatiDn (removal
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exaggerated; ankle-clonus not obtained on either side; tendon reflexes
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dissected by blunt instruments or by means of the tonsillotome. He did not
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caution in patients with impaired renal or hepatic function. In sub-
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time : in 1815 Oriila killed dogs by inoculation of putrid blood,
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and Lewis Williams, a Committee on the Unfinished Business of the
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cases showing symptoms suggestive of duodenal ulceration as a
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To my mind, it is quite clear that there is a disease such as I
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umbilicus. There is generally a remarkable dissociation of
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«Manchener medJclnlBche WocheMchrift, March 10, im.
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Another case. I was called in July to see a lady who had been
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cases received more 'detailed study, useful deductions
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but on the other hand it is also common in tubercu-
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regular; he vomited again ajfter taking the last dose of digitalis.
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tral fixation as first described. I like very much Wiley's