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an apology for these remarks, for you all know well that I have

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1. Diagnostic Symptoms. — In the acute forms, pain in the lumbar

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no evidence of past neuritis. I heard from his widow that he d,ed .n

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He would not come into the hospital, so upon January 13

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peared about a month later, when the four teeth and the gums looked perfectly

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at the most favorable temperature for their growth for

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Dr. Francis R. Packard is to be his successor. The trustees

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parts of the body exposed to the action of light. When

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physician establishing private practice in Madison inter-

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that an enlarged, prolapsed, and adherent ovary is not

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" We reached this conclusion slowly, yet without regret; for we had no pre-

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tions in the medically indigent population served by

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Laboratory Findings . — Recovery of organisms from (1)

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local conditions mentioned are seen in those cases in

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remarkable liouse epidemic of typhoid fever. Univ. M.

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to put an affront upon the entire profession ? If no

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on a high fat diet. There is no danger of acidosis when the carbo-

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With respect to cocaine and chloral little need be said. Where

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tions are associated in the same patient. Of the large number of

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Annual Report of the Wisconsin Station he publishes the following

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ceased, it is not unreasonable to suppose that it has returned

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ates and packs it down gently upon the membrane with a strip of

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rejected while he was thrown into convulsions. Under

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he more particularly belonged has suffered a severe privation, and his

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in amyloid degeneration, larger quantities of albumin are usually lost, and

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that any cerebral affection had set in, was suggested by a singularly vacant

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outside at a point midway between the cricoid cartihige