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of Medicine, which at that time adjoined St. George's Hospital, and

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Sigmund and many other observers are now agreed that the

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four cases seven were those of males and seventeen of females. This unusual

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tient much better chances for restoration of function if oper-

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and excretions may contain the organisms in large numbers. Of special

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at a point opposite to the tip of the sound, and also in the rectum. A glass

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center, and only the long tracts which lead to the brain are injured.

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summer especially; moist hot climate. Natives are ac-

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pathy with the mammas. Hence the mammas are the corporeal


tures upon the vessel, but finally decided to apply only

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The average number of days of sickness before admission, of

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of soil-pollution because of the consequent abolishment of

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yet had no dermatitis. An important point I elicited is, that the patient

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who had had the disease. These were arrangements which he would find it

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ward invariably induces contraction from the very first,

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develops pain, stiffness, and deformity of various joints, often

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patients are entirely under the control of their feelings,

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ance <>f the longs, with caverns, without ever having been in a coal-

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number of cases of nervous prostration there appears to be such

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forefinger and of the little finger should be sawed through the

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the collateral nerves of the digits (Sappey) or from the plexuses formed by

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and the recognition that Hodgkin's disease, if treated

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9. State the essentials of a good school desk and seat.

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blood was noted too long a time after birth and the possibility of

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" To sum up : I may say — 1. In diffused phlegmonous periostitis of the lower

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in fresh rat serum and inoculated on to the surface of agar flooded with

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A. few words in regard to Saratoga air for the peo-

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bution k rophtalniom6trie. Ann. d'ocul,, Brux., 1881,

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way effects its quality and that following an increase

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course, the fever, absence of tendency to form a larger exudate,

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phenomenon. No official examination of the bodies was required,

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continued in their same line of employment, they would

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order to get over that undesirable occurrence I adopted, in my last cases, a

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She was discharged well a month afterward. Three months later she was

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third attack to operate earlier than we would in the primary attack

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(>rii;inal('(l in cillici' llic cci-Nical oi" mcsciilcric nodes (or jK)KHi})ly,

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the regulation of apothecaries, they are not to be allowed to compound

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to be restricted, without, however, entirely forbidding them to such