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been overcharged with sheep; the richness of the soil has been exhausted, and the

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of 25-per-cent. red carbolic acid with an equal part of red sulphuric

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and the Horse Guards are disputing can be, that the

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meat, cream, &c., should be avoided. Wine is pre-

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stomach was found partially, and the small intestines extensively, inflamed.

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this meuilirane not affei'tin'jc the larynx, and from its bcinjr thicker

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hemiopic pupil test in the right eye, but there has been no indication

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the puncturing of a bleb or vesicle suspected to be a drug-eruption caused by

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sensory nerves through the reflex arc in the cord to the spinal motor

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as in the animal from which the meat came, in the organs of those

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This I am confident of, that Avhoever in this practice bears fully

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icus. A probe was passed with dilliculty through the

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ing was kept moist. The speaker believed that cold, moist

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Practical Phyaiology and Histology— Lecturer, F. H. Edoeworth, 15.A., M.B., B.C.Cantab.,

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sub: Sprinkler and Alarm Systs — Hosps. CE: 671.3

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M. Rostan ; in the other, the disease was found chiefly ' in the dense central

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frequently induce inflammations of other serous and of mucous mem-

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ternum, encroaching about two lines upon the cornea. Instilla-

efficiency and safety assessment of donepezil for treating mild and moderate alzheimer disease

tained by my friend Professor Simpson, of Edinburgh, that the

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bloody sweat appears iu those regions of the skin where there is an

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because medical science is " one and in- and indivisible ;" therefore there should

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dissuaded in the strongest way from a habit so dangerous.

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confining him to bed for a month, and rendering him lame for

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inal hysterectomy for double pyosalpinx and submucous fibroid of

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the foot of the operator, the boot having been removed, is used to

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The difference in immunity between the heated animals and the controls presents

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out what lines of investigation are to be pursued for studying different

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acter and be diligent and conscientious in caring for

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mination of the paroxysm, the children continue for some time In a state

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seized suddenly with severe pain in his throat, "agonizing," he

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titioner to give the same amount of time to the ophthalmoscope as

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quickly enucleated by this route and, if perineal section

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preceding sixty days, loaded animals of such a country; (//) the impor-

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opinion, the various forms of neuritis described are only different grades of this

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the level of the main trunk, but pretty constantly new masses

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