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losis, viz., cauterisation with lactic acid and painting with car-
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doubly 'sure. The material by which the tubercular bacilli are
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of some one of these diseases, and, therefore, of value in diagnosis. Dif-
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Several clinical cases have been quoted by Hale White in support of
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5. Metal frame work supporting glass cylinder. 6. Glass
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not due to eye-strain, but associated with pathologic con-
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vaginal fistulas with complete dcstructiou of urethra. ]
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ten or twelve ounces. If the neck of the bladder was
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way to care for the insane : In the first place, the acute and
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One old enough to speak and in proper mental condition makes known
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feWmgs may be well developed, or rudimentary, or entirely absent
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are illustrated, in fact any point that is possible of illustration
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aneurism at the root of the neck, had transfixed the
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physiological act, and he did not deem it right to sub-
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which the pain and swelling were not reduced in from
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the midst of the most crowded portion of the cai)ital, the
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We remember Bruce in many different ways. Except for a spouse or other immediate family who lives with a person
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Rebaudi (Gazz. degli Osped.) speaks highly of his experience
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with death. These features serve to show the development
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for a reference library and to reinforce the several studies of the school
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Epilepsy may exist tor a long time before its existence is ascertained if the
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His wife died of consumption four years ago. lie was
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France. There the history of the last six years differs but little from that
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minutes to wash a liver preparatory to the experiments. Bits of washed fibrin
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Relative rapidity for schools submitting 25 problems 1.01
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and Williams; possibly the two statements may be reconciled.
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nostrils on both sides are sucked in with the inspired breath to such an
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latter beingjcnown un ier the term, the physiognomy of pressure and mental
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the report very helpful, especially as vaccination is the obvious means
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fered so much distress from indigestion that he had tried on several occa-
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is not accomplishing much present good. Of course, it will amount to
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the position of Assistant Sanitary Inspector in the Bureau of
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factory; as the quantity discharged is very much too great to pro-
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through the skull without splintering either the external or internal
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that special and persistent effort must be directed,
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upon by the prisoner in his own favour, with consi-
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in London, Ontario, for fifteen years, he came to Toronto, where
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