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(2) endemic-epidemic influenza, and (3) sporadic influenza. If the
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These lung lesions vary from day to day, and I have frequently
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This facetious act elicited a fresh burst of applause.
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From what has been said under the head of incubation, it will be
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taken at these places. Among narcotics, opium is im-
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is that they do not withdraw water, hence there is less chance of the
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mains to be said: so much, indeed, that it is difficult to know where to
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to measles, in respect of the possibility of sporadic cases."
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of diagnosis it would be all-important to know what the onset was like, if the
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of scurvy it is always a question of besieged towns, crowded populations,
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dium. No treatment that has been tried has been of any use