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A large number of fatal diseases result from taking cold, and often from such

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Boric acid is a moderately strong antiseptic , which irritates the

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be taken into account. In tuberculous cases this is a very important

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become pale and anasmic, and had lost 22 lbs. in weight.

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conclusions are as follows : Emetia is the really active principle of ipecacuanha.

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Percival Pott, Phil. Trans., 1740, vol. xli. No. 459, p. UIU.

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the base of the heart was an aortic regurgitant murmur, which was diffused

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than Surgical cases. These subjects are not taught in

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various substances ; and the great facts deducible from them are,—

flexeril drug class

sudden rush of liquor amnii Avhich often accompanies the complication