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forms of essential spinal paral}'sis in adults. The absence of implication
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the tissue, the power of the blood falls, the animal sinks into coma and
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the deaths from injuries received in the game during
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20th of August ; on the eighth day afterwards I found her medical officer,
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When I first saw the patient the only symptom suggestive of
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der readily, then strangury comes on but this is quickly
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tected by gauze. This was removed in 36 hours. Good
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no trace of mercury found in the analysis of the stomach and
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conferred if the student can, after a proper residence
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number of cases were published as examples of this affection, many of
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sisted in leaving it too long. If the wound were asep-
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Wfaeo he was eleven years old a blaiih spot appeared on the inner sideof the
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while a toxin which is similar in nature and action to the products
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FIG. 4. Cervical tabes after Marinesco. Section at the level of the 3rd cervical root. The lesion is
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stomach and intestine he used strong fixation sutures, which
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were treated in different ways. All the mothers recovered,
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oculated at the same time. This, in my opinion, is the cause
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mentions ; there may be no ear symptoms and not much mouth-breath-
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tight or uncomfortable boot or shoe will speedily produce ex-
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heart muscle and vasomotor system are depressed, and the
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with tolerable ease. On the street, one's attention
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laboratory tests are performed. Patients are screened for
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enoidal and ethmoidal inuses were filled with a similar
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ammals is evidently nothing more than accidental tracings of
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The Prognosis depends much on the lesion present. In
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tlrothcrapeutics, such as repeated drauij;hts of the waters of
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of the bi-daily takings from the end of the first to the end
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lungs or pleura or may work out betw^een the ribs, or may pass
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According to these investigations, the action of coriander is
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plethora and depraved humors we had almost equivalent new
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electrical stimuli. Certain amounts of each of these stimuli
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di Napoli (1890-91), 1892, xliv-xlv, 147-202. 3 pi. Also
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lesion is specific its formation should follow a definite routine, and the micro-
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other gross changes have been found ; but many of the cases were
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cellulitis, while others get multiple abcess all over the body. These take the
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of injury, and vary greatly both in size and extent, being commonest in
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membrane itself is of no special service, whereas if
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Then there are hygienic and dietetic matters to be con-
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red blood-cells and the catalj^tic activity of the blood in different indi-