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mated ; good food, wholesome drinking-water, suitable clothing,

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The diseased viscera were so firmly attached in their dif-

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for the knowledge we now possess on that subject. Fourcroy

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Mticotis degeneration involves sometimes the intercellular parts of tissues,

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sentation. 3. Double thumbs on both hands of the child.

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means a sharp cutting instrument. It is a word derived from

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gradually with irregular fever which may become remittent or intermittent,

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Africa and one in Gallipoli. Probably the first diagnosis of amebic

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and to have the patient go to some pleasant place or resort for an outing

fluorouracil (5-fu) is a pyrimidine antagonist

]>erience of hospital surgeons must tell us. Mr. John Wood,

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between which, of course, no hard and fast line can be drawn : —

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show the higher iron intake. Hence, iron is to be viewed as a

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the back, down the thigh, with heavy pressing down, labor-like

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Jan. 21, 1860. persons who are subject to the poisonous

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proportion between the head and the maternal parts : that

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colestipol and a standard meal, there was no clinically significant decrease in bioavailability or therapeutic effect. (See

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that he has pure drinking-water, empty the sick-room of all

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I have heretofore seen ; the epiglo.ttis was fairly normal, ac-

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to this chance of danger until all the other more usual and often successful modes

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very much interested in the case of acute gangrenous

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growth of the tumors, while tumors nine to twelve days old were

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that the work of the medical referees is much more open to

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we adhered to any one of them. You need have no fear, therefore,

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facts as does occur will not in the main modify the result.