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(StClair Thomson, January 27, 1912). Sputum : Copious frothy sputum
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pseudo-membrane in the larynx at a post-mortem examination made in
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sketch of Charles Biddle, an "Old-Time Philadelphian," by Elizabeth Bates.
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fluence of the terrible pestilence he describes of 1730. Varils
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ing ; slight fever (100°-102°) with its associated symptoms ;
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plateaus of our interior continent, next certain parts of California, then
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the tendinous end of muscles. The more tendinous end of
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own species. In the New World monkeys it has become
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rigid. Dr. Schultz found, on examination, that the cause of
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BostouM.&S. J., 1890, cxxii, 313-315, 1 pi. Also, Reprint.—
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Dr. Van Santvoort, and touched upon the subject of the pub-
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considerations and processes for implementation for the
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its course, and towards the end accompanied by an acute
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of deeper injuries, on the contrary, usually remain pale, and are surrounded
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Diagnosis. The diagnosis of chorea presents few difficulties; it is
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immediate neighbourhood of its swollen edge, the cornea is for
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The seventeenth semi-annual meeting of the Southern California
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Hopkins, F. Gowland, oxidative mechanisms of living tissues, 45
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the form of a cake and are most difficult to grasp. The
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and excretions from the diseased skin ; and, secondly, they leave upon
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was a i)rinter who had been a very adept workman, but
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are the watchwords. The area selected is usually the abdominal wall be-
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was of a very different nature.'' He believed that as he had pre-
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., . . °' ., . . quently observed. In the very young the
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Description of a Sc/tema — 17ic Nurmnl Pulse — TTic Teraissioi)'
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semi-closed method, such as is used in this hospital,
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that this was necessary, as three doctors asserted that
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The ventricles were not dilated. The upper part of the spinal cord was normal ;