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on tilt' basis of his own experience. He also aimed at the
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tions of the blood in Part I.* Notwithstanding the facts relating to diges-
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of these diseases will be advanced much further if we always estimate the
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known, did not regard it of an inflammatory nature, yet he perceived that
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tubules— that is to say, the end of the uriniferous canaliculi in the medullary
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autolytic-leucocytic medium, free as possible from any
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whether in the guinea-pig this mechanism of serum-lysis or any
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X-Ray, but is good evidence of not only a poor X-Ray knowledge on the
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breathe with another man's lungs ; that consequently, when men
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Thompson. Dr. Cyrus: Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps 283
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disease will rejoice that we have an English translation at our
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Harvey was painted in like manner by the King's Serjeant-Painter
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"the voices." Sometimes a patient says that at first they were but
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injury. Dr. Yalentine Mott used often to remark that " a
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The latter appears to be the pivotal point of the dispute. There
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embryo are quite homogeneous, only the central nervous system being recognizable.
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that the fasciculus bends round from within outward,
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originating grave diseases, as witness the neuritis of leprosy and
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in the central portion of the upper lobe, connected with
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considered, being, in fact, the great end of both the principles and the practice
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trophy may be very extensive, although the kidneys are not greatly
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gradually ascending along the skin towards the head; and
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more untimely deaths in this country than there are tomb-
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xr^f^t.^:*.^.^*^/'' remaining obstinate, cold sweats breaking out, a weak tremulous
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stru'^'jU'S or convulsions so peculiar to impeded respiration. Con-
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Occasionally tubercles of the average size of a pea or bean are observed.
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through the stomach-tube and by the rectum she gained
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are the following: Anaemia, hyperemia, erythema, urticaria, cutane-
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^^ Levaditi, C, and Danulesco, V., Compt. rend. Soc. bioL, 1912, Ixxii, 606.
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even the disgusting odor. While to our notice as med-
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chalance by pathologists, viz., the supra-renal capsules ; and he discovered in
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" the lady felt as if she were going to burst ; there was no
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of a diminution of the tachycardia, of a lessening of cardiac
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in a gallon of water, or of one pint of liquid chloride of
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