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Strafford County Insane Asylum at Dover, N. H., was
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ease tuberculosis was originally of intrinsic origin and
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cases of diphtheria (i. f ., in 90 per cent.) a single dose of 100 units of antitoxin
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like pus corpuscles, having a depression in the middle,
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called professionally on his old friends, took part in con-
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lung der Malariaparahiten. Ztsclir. f. Hyg. u. Infec-
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and inflammation are produced ; the capillaries of the affected part
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time after the application of the irritation, and I
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Dr. T. M. Rotch, of Boston, asserts that an area of
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had been incomplete remained well, while all (excepting certain recent
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with the fatal paralysis. On Sunday, at five, P. M., he spoke with
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suit equally well Inguinal, Veiitro-inguinal, or Femoral Hernia*, the difference being in the form of the
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2. The part of the inquiry the most liable to error is that of the
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contrary more likely to be intracranial than peripheral, while a lesion
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goes on, yet another change in the shape takes place. All old
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haemorrhages, which so often attend the latter stages of malig-
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acter of the affection may be surmised if the patient be a female subject to
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remain for some time, swollen and discoloured. Later, possibly,
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vented or that a multitude of children die at birth who could
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ments of the seat of the pain ; in none anaesthesia. In only two
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land says : " These experiments were most carefully
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“Copper Vapour Lasers’ ’ , Milton Waner, M.D.; J. Michael
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A well-compensated mitral inefficiency, however, behaves like an
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and close to 80%, involving epithelium more or less ex-
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* Brit. Med. Jour., Sept. 2, 1899, 2, pp. 627, 814.
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terpretation of the results from such examinations and the correlation of phys-
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will last for a week or two after the measles have disappeared and
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any woman who has a lachrymosal duct which is in good
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IToFF, Jonx Y. R., Assistant Surgeon. — Granted leave of
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Erysipelas. — Ordinary erysipelas due to streptococci, and to be
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bition of large and continued doses. This I have believed to be
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from the kidney is endemic, there being no known cause for the disease.
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increase of tension may be noted after the albuminuria has been discovered
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on record; the administration of the mercurial iodides may at
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theorizing. The upshot of it is this, that there is no criterion at
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These have been made in almost every case ; 8 c.c. to 10 c.c. of
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the tendency to haemorrhage seems to depend mainly, if not entirely,
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Samelson,Adolrh,M.D., Surgeon to the Eye Hospital, Manchester
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nuclei, could he traced apparently unbroken through the
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The lipping and the position of osteophytes may more or less completely destroy
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stand that the words of Dr. Quain's amendment state any new
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in which lime-salts may be deposited. New connective tissue in the form of
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setts Ave., Boston. Notices and other material for the editorial