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vation of the periosteum. The consistence of the exposed dura mater,

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state of the bowel and tissues generally. So also is the maintenance

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this temperature, of the lecithm directly t« the h^^^^^^^

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five days afterwards I was informed that the improvement

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spiration. Pulse 12S, weak. Tongue furred, and white in centre. ISTo appetite;

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SNF patient may require nursing care, specialized rehabilitation

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of our profession with no lack of ability or of educational

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tific character. The art of healing, or clinical expe-

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The hospital governor is onl}- a condition, a mere incident

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oily liquid should be prepared as an article of food in a copper vessel, (oefi

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ciated with epilepsy are not uncommon. Ribot relates a

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" A Civilian War Hospital " is an account of the work of the I'ortland

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Operation — day of admission, AugHsf 7, 1903. — Left iliac colostomy.

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prepare the way for oxidations. It is important to realize,

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elevated sedimentation rate of 52 ml/hr with a white

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of the disease would slumber once more for decads until a new pan-

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lenses can rarely be worn long, which should be con-

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were rigorously disinfected. The urines, however, are much

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fashioned. An assistant should firmly compress the anterior flap

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upon its early removal, and if we can secure good drainage and

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two Vice-Presidents, a Corresponding Secretary, a Recording

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icj;cMieiatioii of the blood. 8°. Neiv York, 1696.

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danger is even greater than with the child. For the adult having in

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over it. One is often surprised when the healing process is com-

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connection with the old; but these nevertheless are separate combina-

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two purgative doses, regular exercise, and good hard food. It

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causation, we are not to forget that great progress

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central origin typically does not decrease in amplitude or

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de c6cite a marche rapide par le lactate de zinc. Bull.

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lage, of muscular, and of mucous tissues, which last lines the in-

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to so many prominent medical men, he will fall a victim to