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object in view is to increase as much as in your power lies the

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tumour. A vast pouch filled its cavity, and the intestines were pushed

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of the spinal cord, were found. Dr. Peacock (see number of this Beview for Oct,

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crying. The pains became severe, but the shoulders did not advance. I

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ciliary nerves. The eye was the subject of sclerectasia, irido-cho-

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result that a powerful irritation of the skin produced a remarkable

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one part of the circumference of the disc,^ with the correspond-

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but an experienced pharmacist to interpret aright. Even

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tion — too cold or too dry or too damp, for instance.

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stantaneously; and others, who were almost entirely deaf, instantly restored to

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this dilatation of the BubcutaneouB ramusculi has not been noted

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which he has to drag about with him. When the disease affects

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whilst the. agricultural standard is 20 per cent. ; of the chil-

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were hepatized. The inner surface of the mitral valve flaps was

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loped instead of cancer-cells — is rudely attacked by Virchow.

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in varying proportions, the cystic element consisting of one or

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Gazette, vol. xxvi, p. 637; British and Foreign Medical Review, vol. xi,

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120 to 164; one to two months, from 96 to 132; two to six months, 100 to 162;

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tage. The nitrate of silver in substance was occasionally used to circum-

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*' Found dead/' Another, the selection of men of the medical

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there being slight obscuration of the second cardiac sound.

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other causes, is positively detrimental to health. The absorbents of the

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of solubility of the fibrine, induced by the presence of some mi-

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I venture to throw out some considerations, as a contribution to

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birth. The child always laboured under dyspnrea, and died at two and a

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Metals in leaf, may be used as a means of dental obturation, in circumstances

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congested. In the ileo-csecal region were 15 follicular plexuses, very pro-

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of which organs cirrhosis is often complicated,) or arising from other causes.

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obstinate cough sometimes pro\-es to be due to some irri-

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are rendered necessary by gonorrheal infection contracted

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place remained quite free from the disease. The passenger traffic

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either not yet formed or scattered about in small quantities. The American edi-

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This is a well-reasoned^ argumentative paper^ highly credit-

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to considerable variations in its supply of blood, is sometimes

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