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In June, 1864, when conditions of sanitation had become objectionable, the city

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tween the two extremes of opinion, and that constant

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cause of death. The prisoner was condemned and executed, the general

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The thunders and the lightnings that roll and flash from the cloud-girt

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7 a. m. the patient voided. A, glucose, SO gm. in 300 c.c. of water; B, epi-

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to an institution in which the repair of improper drainage had

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and final be set by examiners not necessarily in the Dominion, who would examine and!

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pearances, and it will be noticed that the changes observed by

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of fancy to say that the blood is the solid body in a liquid state. " The

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smaller than the other. The irregularity is extremely rare ; and

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as the spleen in the tertian infections, save that in all

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five years, entered my service at the Boston City Hos-

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in connection with frontal herpes zoster in a patient free from history of

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fairly satisfactory, considering her state at the time of

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moon, and it has been suggested that one of its tidal

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I thanked her while thinking to myself, “I must look

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wall in the neighborhood of the papilla thus results.

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not form a definite recognizable clinical picture, as in the three

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only about two shillings a pound, and an exceedingly small quantity is sufficient

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existing laws prove insufficient, he will take such steps as he

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mation of the lungs, 2 ; marasmus, 10 ; malformation of the heart, 1 ; old age, 6 ; ovarian

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which he had opened an abcess of the valvo-vaginal gland. Lymphangitis was

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men and women the like of whom the world had never before seen, nor

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fistula. On each side of the trachea, symmetrically

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students nationwide have participated and utilized the

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same time, probably the age of the patient, the state