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The mixture may be used after fifteen days. It stains in a few
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in other organs such as the spleen, the lungs, and the kidneys.
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all operating in different ways, but all leading to-
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tions de I'erysipele; pneumonic; albuminurie. Soc. d. sc.
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juries to the epiphy.se3. Med. Press & Circ, Lond.. 1885,
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the same establishment, and which is enriched with rare plants.
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follicular or lacunar amygdalitis is but a subterfuge for the
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Herbert H. Heym, M.D., is a 1969 graduate of Jefferson Medical Col-
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ity, especially medical charity, should not be ashamed to in-
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no lesions had recurred during a period of 3 months observation; (4)
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posed the term summer fever ; but a brief statement of the
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Muir and Mr. Hutchings. The lumber for its construction was
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it does not promptly and permanently cure three fourths of our
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was of a cylindro-conical form, and of the size of a grain of wheat. It was cut
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where there is pericarditis, and those parts of the pleurae which overlap the
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applied, and covei-ed in by means of a piece of gutta percha tissue.
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plethora and depraved humors we had almost equivalent new
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Allen, J. A. L., Hallville, Ontario; Allen, K. W., St. John,
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atfected the left leg. The family history throws no light upon the
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chapter. It is well known that, before his works appeared, the
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tongue tough, firm, and cord-like in consistence. Its mucous
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be boiled for three quarters of an hour in a solution
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costs can be attributed to the government and private insurance companies'
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times. Our present understanding of physiology reaches further, and
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of utilisable material to the organism, and what their effect is in health
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some time been members of the group is rather high.
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This is most true. The Legislative enactment is insuffi-
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tains eleven of the series of lectures, and deals chiefly
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or without the advent of moist rales, there is likely
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