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other intertropical regions with which the Medical officers of our
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is called), is not only unreliable, as affording protection against smallpox in
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an epileptic fit as the convulsions. The absence of one or other of
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flushing or blanching of the affected part and in increased secretions, as 5v,tal>
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American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists — Maternal Mortality Institute
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proved since the last note was made, and is now almost
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terial feel disposed to attack. I believe that keeping the mouths of the
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inlet and outlet for water, the ends being closed with a quartz
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— Dr. Hugh McKenna of Chicago presented this paper
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and sometimes a cutaneous efflorescence; lumbar pain in a marked degree.
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odphorectomy with salpingectomy, all cured; 10 ovari-
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should be covered with vaseline, the patient placed
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tion of acetic acid throws down the colloid, and it is afterwards
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Vinous Fermentation. — This is the fermentation resulting in the
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ingredients, three drams of castor-oil. The doctor did
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that in almost all wasting diseases, owing to the digestive disturbances
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Febrile movement is less constant and marked in the former ; perspiration is
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millimeters in one hour. Still not knowing what we had,
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moves by magnetism, and at the same time it also coheres and is
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trine that the muscular powers of the arterioles are exerted only
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physicians and surgeons, and there is a resident house-
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Milwaukee again has taken up the garbage disposal question, and
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inferiority'-' which is commonly used but in a rather ill-defined
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tian sporozoon the sporozoites are less dense aud more regularly
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with spts. a?ther. nitr. ad libitum ; bottles of hot water to feet ; iced
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braniform muscles are whitish. The colour is always deeper in
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some elevation, and continued until he becomes pale, or his pulse
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" To-day is the first for nearly a week on which I have
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'^^^rt has proved fruitless, and when the pain renders the patient unfit
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when in contact with their edges, and which they at once refuse to act
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action fever, 102° F. ; maximum temperature continued
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Direct fixation by operation of fractures of the large and deeply
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