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companies of the Volunteer Medical Staff, under the com-

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lished in St. Petersburg. A proportionate increase has

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consultation. At this time she had rallied, and the pulse,

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black arts in misleading the public, would prove a Derby

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and chloral hydrate gr.xx. On visiting her again three hours

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The Council of the Pharmaceutical Society have reprinted

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at the public expense ; that in all cases medical certificates of

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March 4th the temperature night and morningwas normal.

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The Prefecture of Police of Paris is at last stirring itself

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revaccinationat proper periods, is not only better, but a means

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•s Generally, he could say that the testimony given that day was

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smell pure odours and ammonia, but less than on the left side. 2nd. Pa-

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out of bed to pass water ; and at 2 p.m., upon attempting this,

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tion about the various schools appeared in the March number of the

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Clinical Society op London.— Living Specimens at 8 p.m. Dr. A. H.

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were not over, as keen competition would always await them. — Sir John

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drained in three sections, there being two outlets to the sewer

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Firiiiiiig the lung so friable in the ease of the rabbit, I

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fessor Jaksch to be his principal assistant, and for some years

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in connection with female suffrage than with the treatment

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which in consequence had become thick and viscid. 1 could

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lectures, the principal object of which was to establish that

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same temperature being maintained as closely as possible

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be from the point at which we shall reach the ultimate of our

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had since been quite restored. — Dr. Waxteb Carb showed a

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Fij;. 1. — Case of pamlysis of all the emiiial nerves on the right side except

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(8) Section. 14 is rather obscure, and might be taken to mean

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medical fame ; by the simple process of counting rjiwt Thermi-

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p. l.'i.S that one large central cistern common to all the houses

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troops, to the extension of the Warrant of 1879 to India in

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some six million acres of land on the Potomac. This estate

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atter the distension of the intestines had shut off most of the

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The death-rate is very high, being during the last six years

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appearance of the patients that it seemed quite unnecessary

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■maji individuals witli a false liistory of heredity — that is,

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bore a somewhat wild and strange expression. Pulse extraordinarily

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Dr. Vurphy: The Surgical Treatment of U'erine Myomata. Dr. Lyie :