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Wallace. Dr. .7. W. : Typhlitis Appendicitis ; With Report of Some Inter-
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witnessed many changes in the treatment of pneumonia. Under the
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with redness of the skin around the sores, and in some instances swelling
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physic in an university, or other respectable school or schools of physic,
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era, having in it a large library, and furnUbed with lighta and fuel, wlihoot charge lo the students.
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" Van Paassen: Nedrl. Tijdschr. v. Geneesk. (Haarloiii), 1921,65, 1 162; Abstract,
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by Dr. George B. Nichols. Barre ; discussion opened by
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Smeai-s of the stomach contents of infected bugs made at various
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often entirely at his ease about his patient, as, in spite of the cough
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to Paoli, from Newtown Square to Conshohocken— and, though
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the so-called functional, hemic, or accidental mur-
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liver, and is- found in the bile. In other words, it is formed in the nervous
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lasts a week ; improved steadily under treatment. N.B. Feb. 7. —
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possesses the ability to transmit its irritability to other tis-
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Odysseus tells Alcinous he did when he climbed out of the river on
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more to present, making a total of thirty-one cases.
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