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them, even during the active period of life ; still less can they be

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Berkefeld filter, and is safeguarded against decomposition by the

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Prognosis. — The ratio of mortality in continued malarial fever varies

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We interpret this finding as meaning that the subject reaches her

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for its further growth in the joints of the body it

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the Pennsylvania Hospital last summer. The patient had been

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Academy of Medicine, at its session on the 12th of January. In a few

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In the fully developed disease the symptoms vary in degree rather than

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from the norm; and, as regards the thirty dogs, we observed, in addi-

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phibien. I., Arch. Entwcklngsmechn. Organ, (in press).

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serum were given to one animal of the former and two of the latter

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The deaths from casual small-pox have varied, from circum-

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active article. The hive syrup of Dr. Cox, which is now in every

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foaming serous liquid, not tinged with blood, came from the mouth and nostrils.

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was related from a conviction that if the fluid had been evacuated,

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experiments in which the normally beating auricles continued to

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epinephrin; the right weighed 0.200 gm. and contained 0.17 mg. of epinephrin.

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Hysteria is a functional disorder of the nervous centres, affecting pri-

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coma. The pulse runs up to 150 or 170 per minute, is feeble, small and

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A conversation took place in reference to the cases of typhus

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those who had been previously vaccinated with the greatest care,

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These notes of post mortem appearances, Dr. Bryant states, are

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the time of seeding and the time at which maximum rate of growth

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inflammation occurs on the second or third day, and then fades

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hurtful to man get into the intestines, or the blood

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not syphilitic and giving negative Wassermann reactions were used

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14 the temperature fell to 37.6°C, when the patient was discharged from the

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serum (Group II) . Ten cultures of each series were prepared and examined daily

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indicated and the question of surgical interference will present itself.

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behind the crest of the pubis, and the fundus sunk down between the

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have the power of excluding the blood when it becomes contami-

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In a cat (No. 43) dead of distemper the epinephrin content was

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respiratory centres are involved there is a sense of fulness and constriction

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by experience, reason, and analogy. When Dr. Darwin prescribed

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to spare the offender in four murders, itself inflicted death for a lar-

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