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essay on the subject is desired, with practical suggestions for improve-

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the least strain, they are simply ignored. Why ? Because ob-

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The sjxismodic movements are lightning-like in rapidity, each con-

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pathological studies, and not a few fragmentary physiological in-

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children, — i.e., 6-9 each. Of the 138 children —

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this patient was well up to the beginning of the present year. At that

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investigations which are now being carried on with regard to the

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Tabes, syringomyelia, disseminated sclerosis, bulbar

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sively ; the reading of the papers will begin at about

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while the patients rise early, live moderately, and exercise freely ; but

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space to be dealt with in the present article. Suffice it to say that if the

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clinic, the teachers most in demand being H. Peham, Joseph Halban

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conductivity in the protoplasm of the cell and axis-cylinder

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teresting perhaps to see how thc'results thus o])tained

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due to embolia, or plugging of small important arterial twigs

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the disease continues to affect the rich and poor. This

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have all a reducing efftct, and may therefore, be considered as prepara-

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almost diffluent. The pulp is often swollen, so that when cut it projects

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immediately after its death, and I confess I have failed altogether

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reflexes are absent, — for instance, when knee-jerk and ankle-clonus are

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to a proper knowledge of the nature of his instrument. 2. He must

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exemplified at Digne, in France, in 1629, when the peasantry of the surround-

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detail tuberculosis of the stomach in which the walls were thickly

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generally. For this she was carried into 5 observed, this being principally seated in