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Professor of Surgery and Gynecology, formerly Professor of Histology

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many cases of hypertension must inevitably be overlooked, even

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Ball. South Californian Fract., Los Angeles, 1907, xxii, pp. 17-20.

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Acidity is usually increased, and hyperchlorhydria has been frequently

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numerous embryos of anguillula were found in the blood. They

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Dermat. Nov. 1888 ; Arch, of Surg. p. 237, Jan. 1894.

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and bitter tonics (quinia) must be heeded also. Experience has abun-

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standing the violent efforts at vomiting that the patient made.

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It may be well to say, the child lived about two days and a half.

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drug has power per se to produce the menstrual flow.

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Still more difficult of explanation are cases of tubercular disease of bone and

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categorized as follows (figures based on yearly average) :

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Ruge admits, however, that there is always a greater or less amount of precipitate,

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