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were held in medicine, surgery, obstetrics, and special subjects,

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older workers, however, may need additional credits de-

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nodes (Achmeticew) ; or cervical nodes (Kissel); or bronchial nodes;

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graduate study, which has been organized in Germany with

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chusetts, nominated Dr. Robert Battey, of Georgia, and he

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by physical examination. Palpitation, pain, and dyspnoea, if present,

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placenta. Then follow ** Diseases caused by Vegeta-

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when Mr. Coote writes he has got something to say worth hearing. He

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investigations, squinting was frequently ascribed to irritation

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With reference to symphyseotomy, it is necessary that we be able to distin-

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In reference to torticollis of obstetric origin, Stro-

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to Seroconversion,” III International Conference on AIDS, June 1-

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Experiences concerning the frequency of icterus in influenza are

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Through the precipitation by ammonium sulphate and solution in so-

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and an extension of the paralytic phenomena over a large surface, is but

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and the several branches which compose the circle of Willis. The heart,