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A few instances have occurred within my knoAvledge (^f
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opening it was evident that too much tissue had been included
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cases a mental aspect to a bodily disease. Thirdly, we shall have to consider
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Fever," G. W. Hixson; "Pneumonia," C. U. Hanna; "The Medical Ex-
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The opening chapter is devoted to bacteriology, because the auther believes
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year and a half, with the same affection ; the tumour
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I shall now detail a few cases, beginning with the two first, in
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II. Vascular occlusion from thrombosis in an artery. — The two
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gramme is offered. The president of the society is Dr.
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gins at the period of greatest oscillations of temperature
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response: A quantitative method for testing balance. J Am Geriatr
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in the roof of the mouth assists, as impetigo does not affect the mucous
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Smallpox Decreasing Throughout the State.— The total
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tile properties than the best Extracts prepared from
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ness and severe headache, especially over the eyes ; had also pain
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who intends making the journal quarterly instead of monthly.
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eventually it received full confirmation at the hands of Janowski, Buchner,
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ratory epithelial cells. Early clinical trials exploring the
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the peculiarities of which seem to be caused by the agency
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After several weeks or months healthy granulations replace the im-
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third in one case. In ohe case, the precise locality of the fracture
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are rigors, accelerated respiration; loud purring at nostrils,
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cal arrangement and various distribution of the ganglionic system,
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color and smooth ; tonsils sloughy and fetid ; mucous membrane of
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reliquiae [Leipzig, 1928-33; 4 vols.] 2:80-180). H.O. Schroder, "Oreibasios," RE,
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" dying " and " deaths " be combined the ratio becomes 100 : 121. The
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the " Thesaurus " is devoted to the discussion of the
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She never leaves home without placing a revolver on
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(W. H.) Iteport of a case of plastic opi ralion for the
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)ist of carbonate or phosphate of lime. A fistula or abscess
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The decomposing contents of such cavities, whether gangrenous fluid