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From a surgical point of view nasal deformities may

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great deal of credit for the work he has performed in this

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tip upon the arytenoids marks the posterior boundary of the glottis

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tion of the lymphatic ducts by the Filaria sanguinis hominis,

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with the face swollen, and the wrinkles that give expression to the counte-

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The Cholera is raging again this year at Mecca, and

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employment which will bring into requisition those muscles of the body

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After which the Society went into Executive Session.

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practical was the attempt to get at some of the important problems

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freely or sparingly, as the effect may determine. Tea-

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^th. — Pain of head is now frontal, and not in left side ; is con-

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of fancy to say that the blood is the solid body in a liquid state. " The

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to acute Bright's or commences as a less acute variety.

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this point in the examination of the bacteria from the

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lungs, the first breath of air will force up the epiglottis, and throw

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more instructive reading. Lugaro points out to all the

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If soft tissue loss is present, the blood supply to the heal-

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innervation of the parietal pleura by the phrenic nerve.

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of ti ■• Laboratory, where all Fellows who come to the city may