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My practice is simply this: As soon as the child is
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Meeting of the Medical Council. — Agreeably to the requirements of the
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Cyprus, — From June 24 to July 18, there were 1200 persons
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previous three years she had noticed that she became very nervous and that
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restivo-autumnal infections which so often present anomalous sym])toms
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resembling the classical European and Indian forms,
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EE, Kempers RD, eds. Modem Trends in Infertility and Conception
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body. Thus were they tormented by the plague. Others
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which induces repose and sleep. 6. The bowels may be
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it may not attain its greatest elevation for from forty to sixty hours after
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rubbed on to remove the thickening which remains. A long
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tive practices to share the dangers and discomforts in-
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The career of the disease thus extends from twelve to sixteen davs.
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tribution ; the sphincteric spasm relaxes, the body of the uterus
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