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Ovaries : The ovaries produce two distinct internal secretions ; one

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acquainted as far as possible with these conditions

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were normal. Both lungs were very tuberculous, there were several

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what difference of sentiment may enter into the discussion of

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not pasteurized. After the pasteurization of the first half the two lots

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ventor has received (over all competition.) fifty most honorary

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plexion of a disease which half a decade ago was considered hopeless.

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iodide and J grain of extract of opium. We can double the dose if need be.

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ance of plumpness is further increased by a greater

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infectious pneumonia, and (3) traumatic pneumonia. In considering

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tralas. M. Gaz., Syduey, 1887-8, vii, 276 - 278.— Bock (E.)

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enough, and then, the head being extra-uterine, there will be no obstacle

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to the capsule. The contents dried on a water-bath are carefully incin-

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it opened will remember how readily the intestines roll out

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90. Variot and Devillers: BulL Soc. de pediat. de Paris, 1907, 9, 246.

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lein. Dr. Willy Meyer was then asked to see the case

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'laracter, which tend to show the paramount importance of breath-

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Dr. Ricord, who, at the request of Professor Bouillaud,

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Fig. 15 — Chronic ostitis with calcification of quadriceps tendon.

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interest, conduct, and character of the work of all connected

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prevent the recurrence of the attacks is the more important one ; and the

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are wholly responsible for the general intoxication of intestinal