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the patients got out of bed after the operation, the ad-

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examination the trouble was found to be well-developed adenoid

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The fact is, we believe, that most surgeons have a certain

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New Medicinal Agent.) According to the formula, and of the

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educated whose grammar is. shaky. He may have a Ph. D. from any

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It has been observed that a large proportion of the mem-

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462-405.— Renton (J. C.) Note on the value of hydro-

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or shoulders, or etc., and the result be a fractured vertebra, one

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The application to the mucous membrane of the nares and naso-

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cava, between it and the superior cava. This is called the Eustachian valve ;

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partly efcaped from an opening in the gut, and had partly

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before be had epistaxis, which of coarse implies a lesion of a vessel. The initial

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thema elevatum diutinum. Brit. J. Dermat., Loud. ,1894. vi,

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I had carefully cleansed the dropper and used it in six

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movements are affected, and shrugging of the shoulders is

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his crew, are less filled with reason than with wrath.

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English surgeon, named Cleland, renewed the practice, and improved upon it

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dilute sulphuric acid, in such proportions that fej of the solution shall

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return to her home, where she is far more likely to reap

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their spare time for half a day looking through thcdfr

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cases. None were recorded among all the cases collected for

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specific enzyms. The significance of this will at once be seen in a

often produced by some chemical change occurring in the

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for aid, showing the inefiSciency of the former and the great

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perforation, so that it would not be advisable to puncture the chest in order