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— Dr. Walter Channing died July 27th in his 91st year.
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which the same organisms were present before and after death,
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into the nostril, the direction of pressure, when the patient
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suffered were due to alcohol or dyspepsia, but the facts collected showed the coiv-
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3. Wounds of the Heart and Pericardium and Their Treat-
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Take of Tanin one dram, dissolve in seven drams of Qlyoerine, a;nd add cu
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that membranes limit themselves very soon after the injection of antitoxin,
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Physical examination showed absent deep reflexes in both arms and legs,
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The conclusions of Sir James Kay Shuttleworth and of Mr.
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1873, places it at one fifth. And in many other instances the bowels cease
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it embodies the intimate world of living beings which are play-
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322, with a few of the distinguished clinician's remarks on what
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ought to rise in the upper jar just as the skin rises in the cupping-
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the class of cases described by Oertel as "catarrhal," which generally
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in the classification of Mr. Bates. The first corresponds to the
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^ Sometimes, in examples of profound anoemia, it is
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by the author are reviewed, in the first of which he ad-
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his object, he re-loaded the pistol, placed ft at his temple,
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tar or molasses. TKis'appeuruncc is due to the presence of blood, so altered,
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of spirits, or that mere lowness of spirits will relieve a man of
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quality and very meagre in quantity. It was made to
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we might be justified in using a part of this incubation pcuiixl to
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five years, entered my service at the Boston City Hos-
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and thereby reduced many, which could not otherwise be