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a valuable curative agent, because of its being a sedative of remarkable
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end ; the ends of the tape are left sufficiently long to hang over
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now included under the name pernicious ana?mia (see page 392 et seq.).^ In
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indicated by letters. .Sanitary district A, consisting
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night he felt something like a piece of flesh separate from his
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those made with salt solutions. It was true, however, that if the
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hydrocephalus, a bruit similar to the catarrhal fremitus in aneurism of the arte-
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some impetus. Mr. Townsend, our intelligent resident pupil,
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A, the fifth nerve ; B. a spin.il nerve ; C, the pons
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Dr. Lyon's report of the blood examination is as fol-
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frequently but little, or not at all, affected. The heart, however, some-
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The excretion of sweat is one of nature's methods of cooling the
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Another point, in regard to the psychological feature in oper-
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venous blood flows out than is normal, and the whole organ is darker
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over a hundred in a day. Where there is much diarrhfpa the
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tails of the course may be obtained by writing to the
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cadets return at noon from their Sunday leave in order to get their
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sphere of the brain. A French observer, Dr. Dax, ap-
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apply. What the grounds for these limits of the new
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1889, ci. 69-91, 1 pi. Alun : Ann. Soc. de med. de Gand,
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be corrected and following them up until they were corrected,
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decubitus and when placed on his side quickly resumed
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The Comitia Minora, reported that at the last session of the R*-
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ligatured, and cut off. The coronary artery was double
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changes of secretion, digestion, chylification, fecation, &c. should
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to the nutrition of the brain. Out of the twenty cases which are here tabulated,
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