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It tends to create various changes in the substance of the liver,
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tion. They may nevertheless appear as the result of organic nerve
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mflammation of the vertebrse, or upon spinal irritation, for we do nol
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the most ex cellent services. ^^ ^^ reckoned with in theating these
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ination. He hardly looks at the patient, but proceeds with an
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Mild and Curable Cases of Insanity. — J. H. W. Rhein
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with the characteristic tremor of paralysis agitans and these remained
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the spasm of the pulmonary arterioles. Epileptic convul-
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purulent cerebrospinal meningitis not associated with
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Case of Fragilitas Ossium with Typical Blue Sclerotics in a
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tening, and painful to the touch. There were also plaques
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and shall, also, show what general principles are brought to bear
lorazepam 1 mg pill identification
rejected, the administration by the mouth should be abandoned, and from one
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drowsiness, vomiting, and occasional rigors, and double optic neuritis.
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tient nor physician is apt to have his attention directed
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catheter is painful, barbarous, and unscientific. Little has
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and render operation impracticable. Assuming that the
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longer time without any menstrual show taking place, the patient will*
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It should be applied over a large area witli care, but is one
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be manifested, they do not in themselves indicate morphine
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withdrawn and measured. Slow and gentle suction only
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(From the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, New York.)
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Meigs, and Pepper. — Diseases of Children. 5th ed. Lindsay & Blakiston.
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it persists for 2 or 3 days ; then gradually recedes, and does not
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Bowditch, of the chaise ride of his father through New
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In Typhoid Fever, {recommended only in the later stages,
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1. Rosenberg, S. and Oster, K. A., “Gelatine in the Treatment of
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xxix, 34-36. Also, transl. | Abstr.] : Pe.st. nied.-cbir. Presse,
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mittee members. The Credentials Committee must evaluate:
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when she died four weeks later, her brachial, radial, and tem-
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portion of the alimentary canal, to the liver, the pancreas,
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with predisposition to acute angina or nasopharyngitis, with consecu-
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Three independent case control studies have reported an Increased risk of endometrial cancer in
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has been, aud is still, to let Nature, for a reasonable time, do her own