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direction, this being the natural outcome of the scientific

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increased until the patient's death. He was slightly jaundiced. The physi-

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which explains the osteogenic sarcomas occasionally noted

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tunours are present we also find dense masses of cicatrix-like tissue,

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and do not say that you cannot tell; but ipiit yourself like

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18. Ramos, R. L., and Burton, C. C. : Inguinal hernia. Surg.,

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Db. Fbajik FisiiEB tended to the opinion that there might

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abscess, their opposite surfaces for the most part unite. Granula-

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vaccine is completely ineffective against A/New Jersey

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of nature. All we can do is to observe their effects, and, from

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large one, transfusion w^ill fail to arrest the bleeding and

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surgery, and this last gave good results. In three years

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dren surviving the operation those who lived 24 hours and over,

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pulse 120, temperature 101° F. ; return of nausea; partially

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lassitude, dullness, chills alternated with flushes of heat.

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that such foreign species tissue as a rat sarcoma grew

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without exciting the pulse or respiration. In the majority of cases

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tioned in the present work, or are referred to in such fragmentary

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the lymphatics or the bloodvessels — jaundice from stasis of bile; or (2)

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by bard-working but equally poor relatives; and it is safe to

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said, shall hold their offices for one, two, three, four, five, six, and seven

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and Willson Avenues, and Perry Street, and exhibiting the

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the right and the eleventh on the left, but an inch or

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suflfice to hypnotize him again. This is especially easily accom-

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determine their character, while the brain fixes their locations. Morbid

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Boston; Dr. J. M. T. Finney, Jr., Baltimore, and Lord

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the peculiarities of which seem to be caused by the agency

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" The high road to truth is the knowledge of facts, and