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tions between the Brain and Nerves of Motion and Sensation.

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mitting of classification, of comparison, and of just conclusion

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The emergence of these problems year after year as principal areas

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exceptional cases that defied prognosis, but in most cases

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stopped by making pressure on the artery near its passage from the body

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floor, within the brief space of a minute or two. The child was a female,

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clear liquid set aside in a cool place in well-stoppered

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Dr. S. Baruch, of this city, has been awarded a sil-

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deposits lithates. Pulse 90, weak ; cardiac murmur very indistinct. The pain is

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carcinoma ; two of endocarditis of the aortic valve ; two of myocarditis

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little clearer ; no dysuria except after the use of ano-

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At the time of next the visit, 8 a. m., the following day, examination found no

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I This specimen was shown at a meeting of the Section of Laryngology, Royal Society of

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Gerhardt's f reports of laryngeal examinations on living subjects

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disease in the individual, it brings the infection home to those who may

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pute. The view that there is no such anastomosis is generally ac-

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morning without allowing the patient to take anything overnight. Sometimes

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is more prevalent in the eastern than in the western part of

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detachment of portions of thrombi from the systemic veins. Whatever may be

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Comparative statement of cases of Contagious Diseases

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years on various parts of the body before the palms

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This increase averages about .700, or double the normal.

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r zz s/z/zt z z zj?r-Z ,/^-z z>^z& 2^ ze^z^z^zr-z,-t^ ^cP. ^ z* C&rr& c-v/P -A&v^z. J

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liable to laceration than those of the hemispheres generally. They are much

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severe general infection : violent headache, vomiting, intense heat, rigors,

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PEDIATRICS — Neurological Diseases: Cerebral Palsy,

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astragalectomy and supra-malleolar osteotomy. Tr. Am.

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With a few eliminations, his signs of speedy dissolution serve

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the Ambard variables of (i) Concentration of urea in the blood. (2) Concentration

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morbid condition which causes the hemorrhage. Lavialle

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more tedious process, which is necessary for the cicatrization

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lowered below the average of saccharine urine or even that

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similar case came before us, which very much divided the opinions

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entirely given up, and cells are described as multiplying by

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Citizens Ripping Out Their Alleyway Preparatory to Layirg Concr te

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guilty of a similar mutilation of Greek words, as, for