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(1) Stage of Effusion. — When the pleural sac is only partly filled
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The first series of blanks are prepared for the first seven months of infant life ; each
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acquired. The former is jDrobably commoner than the latter condition,
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strength and health of the collective higher-intellectual centres presiding
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stipation, or, more rarely, diarrhea. Atypical cases, however, may ofler
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and become one of our most popular text-books." — Alfred Loomis, M.D., LL.D., Pro-
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temporarily discontinued. As a substitute for cod-liver oil, cream, prefer-
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tion of the organ. If the urine be allowed to remain for too loner a
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eases described in the text (after Eindfleisch) : J, position of the diaphragm to the maximum
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fermentative changes, and all carbonated drinks, should be prohibited,
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portal vein. Compression of the liver-cells and of the portal veins,
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during a part of the day for the former and constantly for the latter.
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uremia). Moderate fever may attend an uremic attack, or the tempera-
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they are rarely well marked, owing to the fact that they remain of small
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A fibrous band may be so arranged as to form a snare through Avhich a
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leukocytosis. Quincke, -in 1890, introduced his method of lumbar
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inner side, its tip almost touching the liver or the gall-bladder. In not
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of the bile-acids. In certain cases, however, associated with destruc-
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less time than panhysterectomy, varying according to the dexterity of
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Rarely pressure, from the traction force of the adhesions, on the common
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baths and systematic exercise, is dependent upon their power to increase
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be weighed with the history and SN'mptoms of the case in which it may
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(1) Tubercular Form. — In the first stage there is a patchy, cutaneous
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strength Avill admit of it, cold batlis are useful.
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is often present. The secretion of siveat is also greatly increased. The
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upper part of the gastro-intestinal canal impart a black color.
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showed cerebral hemorrhages. The latter may occur in spontaneous
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Pathology. — The chief alteration is the marked and, in some in-
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tion of the inferior hemorrhoidal veins. As the disease progresses the
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3j (4.0) of tartaric acid, dissolved in half a glassful of water, and im-
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anemia, obstinate diarrhea, and profound nutritive disturbances con-
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we see that empirical knowledge led to eminently scientific
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paralysis has been caused by alcohol, which is apparently the case.
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Eustachian tube, or larynx. Fever is not a necessary concomitant.
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themselves, and form a true degenerative atrophy. The protoplasm
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portion of fat, though not invariably. The effect of certain drugs upon
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of stricture is measured on the instrument, and the results compared