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organisms, which belong, or are allied, to two main types— viz. :

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pneumonia, 6.5 per cent; arthritis, 5.9 per cent; mastoiditis, 2.9 per cent;

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System, vol. i. pp. 504 and 587 (62, 69, 70, 11, 8, 18).

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were performed on a man aged 79. Of the two octogenarians, one had

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in little girls, and is carried by direct inoculation from diphtheria in

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In a case which was tried some years since, a man was charged with the

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however, the spleen is enlarged and soft, the pulp greatly increased,

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firm the suspicion. Certainty is not obtained until

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unilateral. Developmental faults, as hypospadias or harelip, are some-

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"fair," and two say they are "unsatisfactory. " In carcinoma,

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of the passage of the lesion into a state of cure, and Dr. Sims described

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