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children of emigrants is, probably, to be explained by a

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doubtful utility. Leeches applied in the neighborhood are of real

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I do not feel that differentiation between the two processes can be

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satisfactory results that I have seen. There is a class

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those parts, and he has not met with a single case in which any ill

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which the various conditions of the thorax and its viscera are as-

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14. Zahn: Arch. f. d. ges. Physiol., 1913, cli, 247.

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supply for the superficial parts. Hence, the skin is pale, and the

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After four months' exposure they were slaughtered and no sign of the disease was

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cutting in character, and with its strong contractile prop-

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is prohibiting their sale. The difiiculty lies in the enforcement

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"The pathogeny of epidemic Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis is still unsettled. There is reason

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very little of the head remaics. The speed of the bullet

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washed with a syringe and lukewarm water; after this the comp. sol. of bromine

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and privileges of active membership excepting those

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most patients would object to such an operation as this.

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vival for patients with dementia than for the general

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mouth, dryness of the throat and internal heat; palpitation of

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any religious training, in bringing students of all classes together,

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possible, of the terms in common use regarding this class of

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seat of volition— we cannot help entertaining the fear that the

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tion that so frequently accompanies the anaemia associ-

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in a vessel from Spain, but it did not succeed in producini^ a

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units, while after the second day from 20,000 to 40,000 units,

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rapid pulse, elevated temperature. Autopsy showed general

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often greatly increased in quantity and contains muco-ptw (>r pm i

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tion, the haemorrhage was very considerable, and I was obliged to tie

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The diagmsis of the eruption would be very difficult. It would be

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suppurative form ulcers may coexist and perforation, followed by localized

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recovery of the cost from the patient or her husband, in case of ability to pay

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II. Diffuse suppurative meningitis. The symptoms of localised

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of the intermission of the pulse. As far as my experience goes, these

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No. 2 Report of the Physician Rehabilitation Committee.

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demount the bed, send it to the hospital and there have the patient

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and Dr. Keith from the Woman's hospital. The left ovary was double

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per troop or company, and to four of the corporals and privates

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are seen with the naked eye deep blue roughly circular areas, al)out four mm.

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five months after the first appearance of the disease.

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have obtained very similar tracings, and also in children dying of

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so long as no sudden or violent movements are required

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York City. Both in-patients and out-patients were se-