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insignificant the symptoms which usher in the disease, that

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toxins become in the way of promoting the new growth.

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of the surgeon was paltry, casual, and inefficient.

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Looking at the specimen as a whole, it was apparent that

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of cases, it is essential to apply some mild antiseptic in con-

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which, in their primary operation, are similar to the disease,

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2. Concerning the Demonstration of Tubercle-bacilli in the

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lons. The first three, or varying between three and six pills, are ejected.

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and cord fall under two heads, those with open, suppu-

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tice in surgical dressings. The work is profusely il-

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gold were applied to the left temple, and in half an hour partial

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hence one variety of this disease has been termed gonor-

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receiving several test tubes, there be introduced a gram of pyrogallic

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the classical picture of stellate exudation at the ma-

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such an enviable distinction in the literature of sani-

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utero-vaginal or intestinal canal had been injured.

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Bagdad in 1258 is a very important period in the history of

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only in specimens presenting a highly acid reaction, when uric acid

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bestowed upon them. And first, it is here assumed that the em-

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other boundaries of the superior orifice of the larynx, including the

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acid, hydrocyanic acid, or cyanide of ammonium, "and sulpho-

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later stages of the disease it is generally capricious, and gastric

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enne. Thicken with browned flour and serve in a tureen.

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nitrogen and fats, 91 per cent, of the latter passing out with the feces.