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with loud rales, fluttering pulse, at times imperceptible, &c. &c. I
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atrophies as the reverse. , Samuel, records various experiments in which irritation of sensory
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the mildest form. In many instances, particularly in the more advan-
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and gangi-enous inflammation — Repair — Causes of inflammation : irritants
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Please see full prescribing information on following page.
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Lord Byron seems from his standpoint to have arrived at
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some recent endocarditic vegetations on the mitral valves. There was
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voided after this contained much less blood and fat than usual. From this time
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was a doctor at all. His Latin was clear and forcible, but
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McKenzie, of Toronto. He spoke of disabilities and defor-
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It is admitted that every action is performed by an expenditure of
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would regard the holding of the principles of civil and
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decrease the disability caused by the muscle spasm,
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port, I will hold such examination at this hospital on Mondav.
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advance the existing knowledge of midwifery or even to
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and work the narrow strips into the wound by means of the closed
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agreed not to remove them, but to recon)mend a complete change
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^ *'Satiatogen 13 a valuable dietetic adjunct, as we have proved in a number of inatanreg.
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winds, was soon discovered, and then by the favor of the westerly
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ticulars can be gathered from the following statistics.
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heat is as essential for the maintenance of the corporeal functions, as it
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as of more value in combating tuberculosis than all the drugs
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*Read before the Louisville Medico-Chirurgical Society, April 13, 1900. For discussion see p. 384.
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than in New South Wales, A^ictoria having fewer meteorological
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and is working very great mischief To my certain know-
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" It is impossible to live in a country which is continually under
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tubercular meningitis so improved for a little time by amputa-
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window-sill of the room and jumped to the telephone wires
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well performed, the reduction is prompt and very easy, especially
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local application to the fauces and tonsils, we found the mur. tr. iron
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had not disappeared, but had remained up to the present date.
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pathology, now accepted by many, the act of exudation is exclusively a
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Zur Kenntniss des Mosehuspilzes. Centralbl. f. Bacte-
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Give strength of solutions. 32. Describe dressings for wounds, ulcers and burns.
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