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to the part played by mixed infection in the progress of the disease.

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Durchfiihrung. Monntschr. f. Gsndht.sflg., Wien, 1898,

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extensor mnscles of the npper arm to the olecranon process ; and another

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(J. A.) Report of a case of malignant papillary derma-

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‘Thorazine* is available in ampuls, tablets and syrup (as the hydrochloride),

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Care should be exercised regarding the diet, habits, hygienic sur-

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Carefully remove all" dirt from the beats. Let them simmer

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la oblongata from exudation in some cases, and softening from fatty

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tially chronic malady, but its fortunes partake of the changes and

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The diseases due to helminths or worms vary with the

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cede the primary fever, may commence with the eruption, or may

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a great deal of annoyance. Such was the origin of the mischief in the

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Methods of rendering the Female Urinary Bladder accessible.

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increased i)ressure was intra-abdominal ; tliere was another kind of i)res8ure

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wise not ascertained, we shall be justified in assuming that the total

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US with the means of going a step farther — one that

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xvii, 3e ser., t. vi. Compt.-rend., xcix, p. 928. Rev. de Hygifene

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it into glucose or sugar, and as such it forms a large part of our