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Observations on some Influences prejudicial to Health, to which more ad-
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was adherent to the cyst, and the corresponding ovary
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the late period of life at which it occurs, does not allow much
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firmly to pieces of debi-is of any kind, or to the surface of
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opposition to the gratification of the tastes of the little ones for sweets.
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tion to gallium; general value of radionuclide studies in Hodgkin's Disease
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Chiari-' has called attention to the fact that the liver is the seat of very
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in connection with the discussion of that particular wound.
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malaria in that part of the world. It seems to be alike pestiferous
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primary factors in the production of habitual constipation. The morr recent
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On the 24st January last, Col. G., of South Carolina, brought
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What, then, can we do to correct the false views of
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The Chair hardly saw how it could be accepted. There was a motion before the
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Marinesco, and Wollenburg, contend that the ganglion cells in the posterior
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