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is the percentage composition of an alloy of the two meta!s r f which the

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acetic ether, and tartaric acid, is very commonly used to " convert

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two available Part B appeal procedures frequently result in reversal of the

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script. Please include the title of the article in the transmittal letter.

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third, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth nerves on right

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in alcohol for five minutes. — Am. Jour. Med. Sci.

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there was no evidence of a material increase of the opsonins whatever, viz. 4


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Fehleisen, after his discovery of a streptococcus as the cause of

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cause the patient to breathe more freely ; then by keeping

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nature of a 'soft fibroid' as well as the nature of a 'fibroid' undoubt-

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as ever lived in the State, a man in the profession, now dead and gone,

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thyroid cartilage and cany it directly down to the sterno-

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It is estimated that the extra expenditure of the city in connec-

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will insure policyholders against a variety of non-medical claims,

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tion, which will alone be the means of securing for the insane

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the figures illustrating Mallory's brief account (Figs. 1 to 5, Plate III) portray

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GoNORRHCEAL RHEUMATISM. — Loeb is of Opinion that

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for I supposed that the contents of the sac must also have

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dyspnoea are present, and opium and chloral to combat the agitation ;

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among the people that Doctor A. and Doctor B. (who are truly and lite-

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to be ascertained how frequently these symptoms are present. I have

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(1) Fibroid (? Cellular Fibroma *? Sarcoma) of the Uterus ... ... 24.1

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tury, during 1890, '91 and '92, although its cause and

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FIG. 110. Lateral aspect of head end of Uncinaria americana. (After Allen J. Smith.)

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probably fifteen or twenty, the dark red hue must not be held to

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p. 902.— 24. Putzar. Deutsch. Arch. f. klin. Med. xix. 1877, p. 217.-25. Ross.^ A

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later. I am not aware of any instance of cure, either by

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(m) The name of Madden (or Maden, as it is written in the Minutes of

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invitation was appointed : Drs. G. Forrest Martin, T. Morris Strong,

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intestines. Almost invariably the dead animals showed

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different times are typhus, typhoid, or ephemeral, cannot be doubted, but

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