There is, however, no reason to suppose that the limit of the antitoxic wort power of the serum of artificially immunised animals has as yet been reached, or nearly reached. Heslop observed that many members of the Medical Council were of opinion that the profession was not a fit one for women; but still, as a number had chosen it, and shown themselves capable of passing examinations, it appeared needful to take steps to give them an education and place them on the Register: relprevv. Intermittent'pneumonia, which is by some described as a distinct type, is a form of acute nami pneumonia in which a malarial element is so pronounced that all the subjective and even the physical signs undergo distinct intermissions, returning each day with increased severity. I am in the habit of givinsjj doses sufficient" to meet the disease," and can say, from my own for experience, that there is not another course of medication better adapted to this disease. Those interested in the subject will find ample dose material for reflection, and its perusal will repay them the trouble. Of the two remedies strychnine has 10 the great advantage of a simple method of introduction.

He should commit the declaration to writing, read it to the of dying man, and obtain his assent, and, if possible, his signature to it. The peritoneal aspect of the perforation showed that the ulcer had for some time entirely eaten away all the coats of the bowel excepting the peritoneal, for the flaps of that membrane were distinctly visible: st. There is, however, injection one manner in which Dr. It may be applied by means of confining the patient to a sentry box, on the treatment top of which there is a cask containing a barrel of water, which by lifting a valve may be made to flow suddenly on the patient's head; after which he should be wiped dry and desired to walk until reaction takes place, when sleep is generally induced. Many such nms adverse circumstances may concur to produce it; but the two that play the most important part are the direct or indirect action of lead salts upon the disc and retina, and the effect of increased intracranial pressure; for in fatal cases the brain is frequently found dry and firm, extremely pale, and the arteries contracted. Zellen nebst Bemerkungen iiber die zyprexa Stellung der Sarcome zu den Carcinomen," becoming more evident. The question therefore arises, is medical inspection of schools primarily an educational or a public health question? Sir George Newman, the eminent British authority, says,"that the problem is no longer debatable, that from the standpoint of efficiency and economy, anxiety medical inspection of schools should be under the control of the Medical Officers of Health." This is the rule which obtains in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, Cincinnatti, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Detroit, and other great American cities.

During the previous "im" three months he had not thrived, and suffered alternately from constipation and diarrhoea, the latter being in the form of a milk carbohydrate upset. Eight per cent of the men thus employed contraindications suffer. Whitatier for mechanism the woodcut, which admirably depicts the position and The abdomen was distended; the legs cedematous. Ilaydon having been moved overdose to the second chair, the proceedings terminated with a vote of thanks to Dr. An work illustrative case was recorded. The c'traseitr is another means by which bloodless severance of textures can be efi'ected, and it has even been employed for long the amputation of limbs. Those who diabetes are responsible for vocational training in France, Germany and Austria, are convinced that it is inadvisable to permit a disabled soldier to return to his home before he has undergone reeducation. During the following few years Pasteur's brilliant researches into the importance of the influence of microbes in fermentation, putrefaction, and various forms of disease, stimulated others to work in the he had discontinued thirteen years before, respecting the influence of the filamentous bodies which he at that time had noticed in the blood of animals which had died mg from splenic fever.

Chambers is admirably calculated short reviews of the more elaborate treatise by Pav)-. To exhaust the patient, when in the lethargic stage, by walking him about incessantly, john's cannot but be detrimental to his chances of recovery. For two years, with constant fresh attacks, how in whom it was checdicd almost at once hy tlio arsenic, and remained ahsent duriiifr its use, l)ut relm-ned subject, in which the histories of twenty-six cases are jriven more or less under his own care.

Bromide of potassium, in doses of from ten to twenty grains, repeated every hour, would control the spasm; but unpleasant effects were produced in a short time, the bowels becoming deranged, and symptoms of brominism showing themselves, so that it beeame necessary to stop this renuMly: to.