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an exact breeding record of each one; he can, however, keep himself
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disease, by keeping it quiet for months at a time. The
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body. The merozoites repeat the cycle and new merozoites are formed
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some inconvenience will be found, till he becomes accustomed
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Obituary, — Dr. Charles I. Pardee, for 25 years dean of the
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a lifetime and instantly relieves the most distressing pains of
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tially similar to human milk in percentages of protein, fat, carbohydrate
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find in men of sanguine, irritable temperament, I have
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The food question, too, is daily forcing upon the public the im-
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administer the drug for two or three months. Unfortunately it some-
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especially that of juniper tar (F. 579), ointment of
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Their color is due to an excessive deposit of pigment, and they are
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sis of the mucosa. The solitary follicles, Peyer's patches and the mesenteric
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by the microscope. Notwithstanding the increased flow of albumen, the patient, under
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is exceedingly slight. Nor is there a tendency to relapse. It is certainly
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instances in which operative procedures are not feasi-
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We review with pleasure this atlas and epitome of special pathologic
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use of a sponge tied round a holder in clearing out an ex-
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lead every third hour ; all drinks to be given cold ; the brandy could
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only to be bridged by rest and the good fortune that for
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given you of the causes, symptoms, and treatment of calculous diseases,
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cial assistance available. Abundant outdoor activities (
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Thus Fletcher Ingals^ calls it rheumatic sore throat,
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Before the sutures in the wound are tied the empyema tube is
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it exhibits clearly the close connexion between typhoid pneu-
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both sides; and in 21 1- per cent., extension on both sides. Further
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In cases where the edema of the respiratory apparatus is not
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made daily observations to ascertain the quantity of
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wiflies In giving ynu a fhort account of the adtual ftate of vaccination
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on the Epidemics of Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and