Such is the condition of muscles, and among the rest of the
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removal of the foci of contagious diseases. Small-pox has
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ses with an especial view to the detection of attending
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sue. The patient should hold the positive electrode in
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occasion go by without expressing our appreciation of the wonderful
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it is always at work, and (as they say) keeps no holidays."
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other. It was found to work well. But in actual practice the power
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that if tiie symptoms set in soon after — e. r/., within the first two or three days
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body on which they serve, shall be presumed to have
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Nicholson, Dr. J. L.: Syphilis in a Woman, with Report of an Unusual
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A brief description is given of Syme's and Kocher's methods. Both
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cases in which there exists disease of the kidneys will min-
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girl, used to romping, climbing and running like a boy, the cause
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psychological apparatus, will be given by the psychologist only.
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1888-9, 227.— Fox (T. C.) On the 6rylheuie indure des
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might cause the bile, then running off by the fistula, to
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increase is believed to be affiliated with the augmented activity
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cytes, and 55 per cent, of haemoglobin. There were more than the usual
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taxes the judgment. It is difficult to predict what would have
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markedly hyperesthetic on both sides. This, then, can
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deviation is at the same time to the right, the presence of glucose is
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scopically would reveal a larger percentage of primary foci. Whether
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a very striking phenomenon to observe how little overdistension
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the supposed difference between the solubility of tan and extract
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other institution in the State were either pending or contempla-
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The conclusions of the author are that anesthesia can be
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50. SPANBOCK. Beitr. z. path. Anat. 1888, viii. p. 283. Cerebral Compression :
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In very many cases, however, every second or third day will be
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a fact, that an organization founded for general good, which holds this object ever before its members, usually
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through the right auricle into the inferior vena cava and the hepatic
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• a nurse in an infirmary, and accustomed to lay out dead bodies. After the