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both great toes. A small slough also appeared upon the buttock ; while upon the
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appear towards the end of scarlet fever. In 14 per cent, of Osier's cases
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Why then, said I, no physician as far as he is a physician, con-
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of school since October 11, 1899, on account of sickness;
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not likely to follow introduction of the hand when all
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I have been invited to deliver an address before this Association on
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this matter of the necessity and value of a Code to which phy-
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found to maladies now as fatal as that was formerly*
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gerous abuse. The uterus will not bear such experiments with
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mouth, enlargement of the tonsils, and swelling of the lymphatic
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tire length of the incisions and are tied on the inside,
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hordeolosis, keratitis, sometimes with loss of the cornea, paralysis of
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the quickest and easiest, as well as the most diagnostically
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iodoform gauze, but as there was considerable oozing
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those used in cases which cannot be relieved by a single dose of any
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surprisingly busv and happy. In fad. r>iie iidglit
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persons of weak and lax habits, especially in the spring
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vagus-nucleus, which would have to show that whilst there were fix;i of
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preparations made from it. M. Mariani was the first in Europe who took up the
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tity of semi-fluid feces. Lunps show fairly lar^e sub-pleural ecchymoses.
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in 3ss. to 3j. doses should be given at bedtime. The bromides are of decided
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Eliz. G., set. 28, a servant, was admitted on the 18th Octo-
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relief to the breathing, and prolongs life many months in some instances.
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The most unpleasant symptom which he has observed is a
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