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best observe this form of hyperaemia in haemorrhagic infiEunotion of the
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of the malady or, when it does occur, as being of any
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delphia. By William Easterly Ashton, M.D. Reprint. Phila-
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the brain, injury, or known poisons. Fits from one of these causes may
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carcinoma ; two of endocarditis of the aortic valve ; two of myocarditis
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in the country. We see no just reason why it should not become
tbe four medicines which compose the recipe when it
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bone tissue, indeed, gets unnaturally strong and dense. In some cases
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flamnutory congestion, and organisation of the false membrane, with its
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prominences should be padded. The first bed raised for counter extension so as
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at Bloemfontein there was ample accommodation, and to
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a certifi(!ate of death if I <lo this." The w(┬╗men who have
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right, but as at present conducted is a ludicrous farce
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improvement, but after a few months the patient developed
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Physical Diagnosis, University in Pennsylvania ; Adjunct Professor of
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this city, for the first time in the United States. The unfortunate patient
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causes. It was on account of this weakness that the
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cilitv of inveiligation is the great objecl of clafTification ; and we
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Fried richshain Hospital, Berlin, has recently published^ an investi-
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]>air< and chains which after 24-48 hours appeared as minute green
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queilion above propofed merits the attention of all thofe who feci
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General Medical Council on the day of , IS , at 10 o'clock a.m.